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Peruse the pages of my poetry! Available NOW! In paperback.  DIAMOND DOES POETRY MY POCKET FULL OF PROSE! “Breakfast Table” DIAMOND RYAN· THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2016 23 Reads The table it wobbles… and grits slide. Eggs run yellow to one side. The salt shaker tosses white crystals up high. The pepper…

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RAIN May 27, 2014 at 5:41pm PublicFriendsFriends except AcquaintancesOnly MeCustomClose FriendsFamilySee all lists…NETWORKINGCity of Wonder! AlliesWRITERS and READERSYOUTH ROJECTSAuthorCompton High SchoolNew Orleans, Louisiana AreaMusic Industry/ FilmSouthern UniversityAcquaintancesGo Back tingle tingle drop drop – tiny droplets bouncing up pecks against the window pane shadowed clouds dampen grasslands the streets are slick…

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Welcome To My Corner Of The World! 


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Hello! I am Diamond Ryan  –the Artist.

I shall share my poetry here with you, amidst these many turning pages.


At your leisure…

This is my space…

My place.

My reflections.

It is the reference and recall of my… ‘Observations and Notes’.  It is the limitless boundaries within I share. Expounding and enlightening those that which the wisdom of my journeys reaches.  It is a memoir. A diary. A journal. Heightened in excitement and breath by those who seek to quench the inquisitive thirst, and long for a refreshing air.

Perhaps I shall even give way to some secrets,  with a little peek over my shoulder! Travel with me as I scribe these thoughts.  This is one artist’s journey…

Leaving my footprints in the sand.

Through these, my literary works.

Listen, Share & Download My Music 

– and other artistic works!  DOWNLOAD YOUR FAVORITE SELECTIONS


    my art

     “mi SHERIS”

Original ” Acrylics on foamboard”  2009. Prints available for download!



Join me in creating a more artful world as we effect a positive change!


~I do hope you will enjoy your stay~

***  Also explore the causes I am most passionate about expressed through my artistic visions…

12115920_955841831129386_1463041094035784642_n  I AM A SURVIVOR!


We all know someone ….








Be Inspired & Moved To Compassion And Advocacy For Those Who Struggle with, Have Survived Or Have Lost Loved Ones To Senseless Violence Within Relationships.

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Shipped within 3 weeks in a limited edition signed CD and diamondized jewel case.

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