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It takes a lot to step out on faith and allow the world a front row seat to the unsealing of hidden secrets … Particularly those secrets kept hidden to protect so many.

But there comes a time when time wont wait. A time when, the final grains of sand fill the cylinder, the curtain opens… and the FAT LADY sings.  

RED STICK DIARIES The Secret Society Series begins at the center of political turmoil and criminal intent then twists through life threatening turns and concealed corruptions. Shots fired…abductions, and a continuing chase with near fatal escapes. Come along with me as I revisit those countless doorsteps darkened in emergent cries for help. On the run, seeking anyone who would help me and mine. Desperate for one door to open, only to find porch lights turned off, and drapes closed tighter.  

There are several good read “Series” within the RED STICK DIARIES SERIES COLLECTION. Share and collect your favorites, and then join in the discussions in the Google Hangouts as I answer questions and you play detective! The clues are everywhere in suspenseful short reads such as:  ‘The Psychedelic Taxi’, ‘ The Bastard Son ‘, ’16 In The Chamber’, ‘The Baring Womb… and others.

Sign up, and become a RED STICK DETECTIVE. Follow the  paper trail and clues which lead to injustices and conspiracies. All in the protection of one of their own.

Get your copy today! It promises to lead to the unexpected.



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 There is a book in each of us….images (1)

Discover yours today!