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Welcome  To My Blog…

This is my space. My place. My reflections.  It is the reference and recall of my… ‘Observations and Notes’.  It is the limitless boundaries within I share. Expounding and enlightening those that which the wisdom of my journeys reaches.  It is a memoir. A diary. A journal. Heightened in excitement and breath by those who seek to quench the inquisitive thirst, and long for a refreshing air. This is my passage here in this complex called time. A travel through terrestrial spaces of life’s ups and downs,  tos, and throughs… And the dashing of hopes, and the illusions of dreams of passion. It is a song of my struggles with the defeat of  failure as I strove for unforeseeable success while bowed and beaten down in homelessness.  This is my little… “Thelma & Louise” road map!  An atlas of my inner weaknesses, and self damaging crimes of camouflaged empowerment. Fittingly so, this blog is fashioned to fuel the reader towards his or her own drive and ambitions.  It is a stern look at one’s own self and self made realities. Unabashedly. An opportunity to wash self,  scrubbed clean to bare-shiny-skin-naked… until all pure and anew and showing. Then so, it is also a place to redress one’s self in the gentle breeze of wisdom earned, by the reflection of the lake of life.

Yes.  (As some have asked of me…)

I shall share my poetry here with you amidst these many turning pages, peruse! Perhaps even, I shall give way to a little peek over my shoulder as I scribe these thoughts. As I share my art… my music… my works…. my  causes and visions through these, my literary works.  Rest thoughtfully in this, for it is a labor.  Take your time with it tenderly, as have I here.  Stretching, yawning, awakening,  contemplating, imagining, growing, thinking and understanding (or not).

This space here, is merely that.


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So Have Some!

I have enough to share

For tho’ it is a place of my refuge from noise and sounds that have interceded my very growth and artistic expression. I will share with you. 

So.. welcome!

Come in. 

Take your shoes off and sit a spell.

This is my comfort zone.

Here, I am a refugee seeking and being truthful to, for and with myself.  This is the place I take those rose colored glasses off, and see things just as they are. The harsh…butt ugly reality. Serenity or senility..

It is what it is.


Here I reflect upon that which is called ‘My life’

As viewed from the perspective of me!

I hope you stay awhile.


Perhaps you may find your space here too!


Diamond Ryan Biography

Diamond Ryan (Born 1958- Present). A divorced mother of three and an African American poet, singer, songwriter and painter who began writing her first book, 31 Days In October in 2007, after a life changing series of events that last nearly five years and would render her homeless, and a victim of violence and torment that would almost end her life. Two more books would follow, each with it’s own back story to the story, within their pages.

Her writing style varies with mood and temperament and is often a visionary journey through the trials, tribulations, and conquests of her survival through unthinkable hardships.

Other books penned by Ms. Ryan are more lighthearted in content and nature and afford the wonderful explorations of one’s own mind. Ms. Ryan’s thoughts, observations and expressions serve as a testimony to her strengths and an inspiration to those seeking the sharing of her words for their own empowerment.

A 31 Days Book Series will be available soon!

” The Miracles Of Life Begins When We Dream!”

Other Books:

“SHAMROCK SOUL BLUES AND PASSION CAFE IRISH & SOUL FOOD COOKBOOK” is a warm and friendly read of good food, friends and fun. It may be found under the pen name, Ryan Darcy.



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